All I am, all I have been, and all I'll ever be

b a c k ?

This work is based on the “worm theory”, which claims that every object exists in the fourth dimension as every iteration of itself stretched along time and space. For example a 4D human would look like a “worm” that started at its birth, showing all its movement and actions, ending at its death. That theory fascinated me for years, the fact that I may actually only be a small part of myself blew my mind when I first heard about it.
To compliment the theory rooted in philosophy and physics, I decided to depict other non conventional scientific/spiritual theories: the merkaba in the center is part of sacred geometry, which seeks to find spiritual meaning in geometric shapes, the composition is based on CCRU’s numogram, which redefines time and space based on numbers alone, and also the spine that connects it all is a reference to spinal catastrophism, a theory that we can trace the history of the universe from our spine patterns. All that and more form a tree, of which roots and branches are akin to our circulation systems, and the bark takes the shape of our skeletal structure.
Over time, this artwork evolved from only depicting all instances of a human in space and time to exploring what there is beyond the linear progression of time we’re able to perceive. Because of our physical and mental limitations, what we experience in our lifetimes is not even 0.1% of information available to us. But at the same time the fact that our lives are so limited, makes everyone’s experience totally unique. That’s why I wanted to include so many esoteric theories: human life is rooted in uniqueness, mysticism and the unknown. Because nothing is more esoteric than the fact that the human ego is only able to truly comprehend itself.